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How to Get Lean and 

Stay Lean Effortlessly

 I've been doing intermittent fasting for the past couple years now and it has made getting… and staying  lean absolutely effortless for me...

I . Black Coffee? 

I usually start the day with  black coffee which is a powerful appetite suppressant and it keeps me laser-focused throughout morning until noon! There are several ways to approach fasting in general and quite frankly there is no one way that is perfect for everyone. With regards to my approach to fasting I believe that this tool should not  feel like a burden but rather effortless strategy / lifestyle guide to staying lean. My recommendation is simple- Prolong your first meal 4-5  hours upon waking up! For most people, this usually results in skipping breakfast all together. Now the benefit of this is that people usually skip breakfast anyways or they usually struggle to fit it in!

II. Skip Breakfast!


So I usually have my first meal around 12 p.m. or 1 p.m

The idea is straightforward - You prolong your first meal so that throughout the day you are able to eat meals which are much bigger and more plentiful while still being able to hit a caloric deficit intern being able to effortlessly lose weight! You'll find when you start doing this is actually not that difficult to prolong and meals until noon!  

This essentially allows you to save the calories that you are usually eating for breakfast I'm putting those calories toward bigger meals for lunch and dinner when cravings or usually higher. By implementing the system you are able to enjoy and strategically indulge in foods which are commonly labelled as “unhealthy”.  As long as we are able to hit our calorie requirements for the day, within a strategic proportion, you will still be able to enjoy all the snacks/ cravings that you love! 

III. Laser- Focus 

During my fast I am super alert...I am laser-focused because I am not having any carbohydrates or any food in the morning which result in my blood sugar levels being very stable.

 During my fast, fat burning is optimizedGrowth hormone levels  take a peak ... 

This is essential for muscle preservation as well as muscle growth!  

I've also always been an avid fan of delayed gratification and training discipline and the cultivation willpower This practice can be applied to many other areas life.

 A primary benefit of this is that you tend to enjoy and appreciate your meals so much more while implementing this system!  I have found that I usually gravitate to foods which have much more volume; I naturally  gravitate toward healthier, nutrient rich meals to fill my cravings!

IV. Freedom 

Remember this is meant to be a lifestyle this is meant to make getting lean effortless and easy rather than restrict you!  This allows you to continue to enjoy the foods that you love to indulge in while taking advantage of strategic blocks of time so that you are  still able to achieve a caloric deficit. This is essentially the best of both worlds… being able to look like a god but also being able to eat like a god. 

Discipline and willpower are definitely required in order to execute this tool properly - all great things do. However upon a couple weeks of  trying this you will find that it is much simpler than one would think -and the benefits definitely outweigh discipline and willpower required in the process.

V. Tips From Me

After you fast, have a good feel of your body make sure that you were getting all the nutrients that you need upon your first meal!  Fruit has always been my go-to to curb any hunger cravings during the day… due to their high fibre content! This is something that I definitely recommend as a great go-to snack.

 I recommend easing in to your block of time will you decide to fast and building upon this! For example,if you are  just beginning and if you typically wake up 7 a.m. I would recommend fasting until about 11 a.m. until this becomes a regular habit. when this becomes a regular habit you can challenge yourself to prolong your meals until 12 p.m. or 1 p.m. or even longer! It is all about what works for you and for your specific lifestyle!

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