February 24, 2019 Posted By: Tristan


What Is Progressive


Keep It Stupid Simple. 

For every workout/ training block, It is necessary that you deliberately choose and execute upon 1 or more concepts of progression throughout a given period whether it may be monthly or weekly or even workout by workout! 

Quite frankly, in my opinion, several programs are made unnecessarily complicated/ complex by swaying away from these principles.  Simply put- if you are getting stronger... assuming that your technique is sound... you are progressing. And if you are NOT getting stronger/improving technique/ cardio etc. -  you are not progressing. 

The main bulk of ANY successful program will be based on executing upon these principles. This will ensure that you are consistently creating a proper means of overload for every single workout and steadily producing strength progress.

These would include one or more of the following variables:

1. A minimal increase in weight

      For example, This could be a minimal increase of 2.5 lb on the bench press or 5 more pounds to a barbell squat. 

2.      Adding more volume….

  This means either adding more  repetitions or overall sets to a given workout

3. Decreasing your rest time for your exercise….

For example, decreasing your rest time from 2 minutes to 1 minute.

4.      Increasing the complexity of the exercise

For example, this could mean progressing from an assisted pull up to a regular pull up.


5.      Increasing the frequency at which you do the exercise 

This could mean adding one extra day to work on weak areas  in your body currently 


6. Either slowing down the tempo or speeding up the tempo of the exercise.

For Example, this could mean spending 3 seconds on your concentric phase of execution and 3 seconds on your eccentric phase of execution. 

No Rocket Science. 

I believe that most programs will work IF and only if these principles are correctly executed and applied and the reason why programs don't work is that they are unnecessarily complicated and they fail to adhere to these giving principles!  

I believe that people tend to think that there is one magical program out there that will magically fix all their problems and get them to exactly where they want to be - a magic , one size fits all type of pill

Realistically, progression is the basis to ANY successful program no matter who is selling it or how great or how easy it is made to sound - these principles must be applied to ensure that you are,indeed, moving forward in your fitness pursuit. 

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