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Do You

 Wake Up At 


Reunited with my brother Mr. Jordan Ting, we had the goal of creating a short documentary/ interview style - film which centered around a common question I am asked ...“ Why Do You Wake Up At 3 AM?” Having no idea of what to expect, we basically gave ourselves a weekend to complete this project! Being our first collaborative project in over a year, I was ecstatic to pursue the process of creation and I was even more thrilled to see the end result!  All the incredible film direction and creative process goes to Mr. Jordan Ting representing his company SafeHaven which centers on providing exceptional marketing and design.  To capture the genuineness of this routine, our days started at 5 - 6 AM for each of the shooting days.

I believe that from the moment I wake up - everything I do is discipline. With the patient and conscious cultivation of discipline in all areas of life, I feel as though seemingly difficult things slowly become effortless and enjoyable experiences.  What most would consider vanity, the endless hours at the gym, I explain how this anchor of mine has drastically aided in the reduction of my anxiety, stress, and depression throughout my entrepreneurial journey. 

With a significant addition to my creative expression, Kickboxing and MuayThai has remarkably revolutionized my training regimen with regards to expanding my patience, discipline, physical coordination - also resulting in an exceptional increase in my Personal Training business in this specific field! 




I begin to explain my various philosophies - the most prominent being that you will always reap what you sow. Having developed these philosophies through my what I consider my anchor, the insatiable pursuit of fitness, I explain how these feed into, and have vastly improved, several avenues of my life.  I remember the countless hours at the gym during my first couple years where I failed to see any substantial progress- if any. However, I was so anchored in my faith that even if I was not able to see the fruits of my labour at the moment, the results would eventually show  - eventually it did. I take this philosophy into everything I do - business, relationships, family, friends, etc. As long as I am consistently planting positive seeds all intended in the right direction… I genuinely believe that there is nothing that can stop these seeds from eventually blossoming. 

With the fruits of success ripening at my tongue, the pursuit to become a learned individual in the subject of personal development has become a subconscious addiction. With the 3 AM’s proving to produce substantial results compounded over time, the difference is undoubtedly quantum...But only if one is willing to persist through the ominous developing periods where no results are seen - temporarily. 

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