12 session


The Initial Assessment

All clients will be put through an initial individualized assessment (Functional Movement Assessment) which will assess and gauge their current flexibility level through 7 specific movement patterns. This will reveal the respective clients’ strength, or inconsistencies, in a given movement pattern. Clients will then be asked a series of questions related to their current fitness goals, the reasons for achieving these goals, previous workout experience, injury history, workout preferences, current diet, and the timelines for achieving these specific goals. Following the results of this assessment, Tristan will develop a specified and individualized resistance / conditioning program (4-8 week program) suited specifically to meet the needs of the client through the most optimal route.

Resistance Training / Conditioning Programs

All programs will be 60 mins. With movement strengths, as well as inconsistencies, revealed in the initial assessment, Each workout would begin with a corrective exercise specifically intended to cater to a certain inconsistency, if any, found in the initial assessment. Following the corrective exercise, Tristan will take each client through a moderate dynamic warmup with the intention of delivering optimal blood flow to the specific muscles being trained on the given day. This warmup would include, based on the clients current fitness level, light exercises such as squats, lunges, high knees, and butt kicks. This should take no longer than 5-10 mins.

As the warmup concludes, Tristan will take the client through the individualized workout based on the initial assessment. This will typically be full-body oriented rather than targeting or isolating a specific muscle. For MOST clients, the resistance training portion ( including the corrective exercises and dynamic warmup) will be completed in the first 30 mins. Based on the clients’ exercise previous workout experience, Tristan will educate, correct, or improve resistance training exercises to optimally achieve the client’s respective goal in the safest, most streamlined way possible. These exercises may include movements, dependant on the clients ability, like barbell squats, bench press, deadlifts, movements performed with kettlebells, dumbells, and various specified training machines.

Kickboxing/ Muay Thai Padwork

The second half of the hour will be dedicated to specified conditioning through kickboxing/ Muay Thai with the use of focus pads. However, it is completely up to the client to decide how he or she would like to split the hour with regards to conditioning or resistance training. Through this conditioning Kickboxing and Muaythai conditioning, the client is able to 1. Focus on developing movement patterns and learning proper technique rather than being caught up in the weight loss process 2. Increase flexibility and mobility through the various punches and kicks executed during this process 3. Learn self-defence techniques while burning heaps of calories during the process and 4. This allows the client to have a phenomenal balance of applied strength, conditioning and overall flexibility/ mobility.

Upon completion of this conditioning / education process, Tristan will take the respective client/s through a cool down stretch and an evaluation of the overall training session.

Following the workout, each client receives a unique video which showcases the highlights of the lessons learned during the kickboxing portion of the session or a resistance training exercise performed showcasing phenomenal technique/ strength which the client may decide to keep for him/herself/ themselves.


12 session


Resistance Training

For the resistance training portion Doubles Training, one client would perform a resistance training exercise while the partner would perform a conditioning exercise given by the trainer. Following the completion of both exercises, the two partners will switch stations.

Duo Kickboxing / Muay Thai

For the conditioning portion of Doubles Training, Tristan will begin by teaching a specific combo to both individuals. One client will then execute a basic shadow boxing routine, as the other partner would work through focus pads with Tristan for ~ 30s- 1 min then the two individuals would switch. Following a 5 min duration, the two individuals will rest for ~ 1-2 mins. This will continue for 30 mins.


12 session


Resistance Training

For the resistance training portion of Group Training, a circuit consisting of a mix of resistance training and conditioning will be given by the trainer. Following the completion of an exercise, the individuals will continually rotate through the given stations upon completion. After the completion of the circuit, all individuals will rest for around 1-2 mins and repeat the given circuit 3x.

Class- Oriented Kickboxing/ Muay Thai

For the conditioning portion of Group Training, Tristan will begin by teaching a specific combo to all individuals. Tristan will begin teaching one individual client with focus pads for ~ 30s- 1 min as the other individuals will then execute a basic shadow boxing routine. Following a 5 min duration, all individuals will rest for ~ 1-2 mins. This will continue for 30 mins.



International Accountability

Let me train you on the go, wherever you may be! I got you covered with a program catered toward whatever goal you are currently shooting for - regardless if it may be for weight-loss or muscle gain! We’ll make sure your nutrition is on point by going through an individualized meal plan specifically set for you! Contact me whenever and wherever you are in the world with any questions or concerns as I will provide you with 24/7 support to ensure that we are going in the right direction at all times! Make sure to send me videos of your technique so we can both be sure that you are executing these correcting! And finally-we’ ll be doing weekly check-ins to make sure we are both happy with the progress! 


 Each Online Client will be coached through: 

  • A monthly customized workout program  

  • A monthly customized meal plan


And will receive 

  • Weekly Check-Ins / Zoom Calls 

  • 24/7 Support from me! 

  • Access To  My Exclusive Website Content

  •  Form Checks to ensure you are executing exercises properly!